08/04/2018 18:59:40
Congrats to Sebastián Vettel!!! Formula 1 Bahrain GP - #F1 #formula1 #bahrain #bahrainGP #theneedforspeed https://t.co/wd8x6sMUHX
06/04/2018 08:15:04
Sit back, relax,…”Check your Modulation" and See what’s never being said….! 😉 Looking forward to meet You!… https://t.co/qjJXIh0em6
04/04/2018 17:04:02
ENG: International authority in Body Language for the first time in Portugal ... !!! We confirm to everyone, the pr… https://t.co/KQAtLbzVeN
03/04/2018 13:50:35
RT @iselectconsult: Hope you have had a fantastic Easte Bank Holidayr. Don't forget to book your place @ https://t.co/s9i5oWMMmq https://t.…
01/04/2018 21:54:46
RT @Tony_Buzan: @drcomm More Happiness - Thanks!
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Sit back, relax,...and See what’s never being said….! Happy Easter 😉 Looking forward to meet You! #bodylanguage… https://t.co/YkjOkXkEeN
01/04/2018 06:26:41
@Tony_Buzan Happy Easter @Tony_Buzan
28/03/2018 19:00:34
RT @ric108mendoza: Convido a todos a assistirem hoje ao Webinar para Gigantes ás 21h (GMT)https://t.co/UygpOxaieX https://t.co/twUHvjf6XP
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RT @iselectconsult: All of our courses available for "in-house training". Let's start the conversation if you are looking to enhance your w…
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