21/02/2018 22:39:46
RT @iselectconsult: We are launching a new course - art of communication  - https://t.co/pooCwY7IJS
21/02/2018 22:39:22
Looking fwd to Welcome you on Mai 22nd for the Body Language training in Birmingham! https://t.co/QvyTbkXZQz
21/02/2018 18:31:44
🔥...1 full Body Language day in Brussels! 🔥 Thank You to Together Magazine!! 🙏 Sit back, relax, and… See what’s nev… https://t.co/8JIE3Cgepe
21/02/2018 18:28:06
Last night we had an amazing Body Language MBA at the Great Property Meet in Dunchurch (Coventry UK). #bodylanguage… https://t.co/ruEkJIAyK8
21/02/2018 18:24:14
TONY ROBBINS' – UPW – FREE Workshop In: LONDON – NEXT SATURDAY Feb 24 – Limited seats! - Speaker: René Deceuninck C… https://t.co/jxlMVHAJQf
18/02/2018 20:11:12
Een zeer leerrijke workshop afgelopen zaterdag te Genk. Hooggevoeligheid en Lichaamstaal... Het beste van beide wer… https://t.co/eDFjbaZ97H
16/02/2018 09:17:47
RT @SpeakerRepeater: https://t.co/U8MD5ahaHN
16/02/2018 07:53:53
What if…. You could actually read Body Language? Sit back, relax,… Think about it and See what’s never being said….… https://t.co/8bv5K5aQuF
15/02/2018 18:02:48
Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends and family 🙏 — met Nancy Liu, Nicky Chang, Nicholas Chew, Richard Tan, Ver… https://t.co/4gDz3wkfrj
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