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René Deceuninck
Master Business Anatomy – Become a Body Language “Trainer”

1 - General Objective:

To enable trainees to discover and practice Body Language through a certified training, to train companies and/or individuals in the future towards awareness by applying Body Language, yielding amazing results. Improve your professional & personal life and get your business anatomy degree, transform and breakthrough!

2 – Specific Objectives:
See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales…
Raise your self-confidence and negotiate on a higher level
Understand clearly what is meant by what people say
Discover a lie vs. the truth
Pull people towards you instead of pushing them away
Increase your results with 80%
Discover Body Language during a Profound Certified Training
Train Companies/Individuals


1 – Introduction:
General introduction
Participant introduction
Trainer Introduction
2 – Discover:
Quiz – Questions
Video à What do you see?
Do you speak Body Language?                                                                                                 Exercise

3 – Our Brain:
How can we learn Body Language and how does our brain work?
Synchronisity & manifesting Body Language
Neuro associative conditioning and focus                                                                                  Exercise
4 – Our communication:
How do we communicate?
Silent movies
Recognize the different types of verbal and non-verbal communication  Exercise
__________________________________________________________________________Lunch (included)_____________

5 – Who am I:
Discover who you are before discovering anything else
Are you extroverted, introverted a team player a solo player?
Where is one looking and why?                                                                                                Exercise
6 – Analyzing and questions
Body Language and asking the right questions
Body Language and assumptions
Analyze Body Language – Step by step!
Does our body lie?                                                                                                                      Exercise
7 – Are Body Language and energy related?
Our body chemicals
Body Language and food   
Body Language and oxygen
Body Language and thoughts                                                                                                     Exercise

__________________________________________________________________________End Day 1_____________


8 – Watch out for…
Body Language and age, season and levels
Get dressed for the right Body Language
Countries and languages
Causes that influence our Body Language                                                                                Exercise
9 – Body Language Basics - Recognizing
Recognize Body Language – Basic principles
The pin
Personal space
Micro-Expressions                                                                                                                      Exercise

__________________________________________________________________________Lunch (included)_____________

10 – Analyse the body and discover a lie
Analyse Nr 1                                                                                                                                Exercise
Analyse Nr 2                                                                                                                                Exercise
Analyse Nr 3                                                                                                                                Exercise
11 – Postures and gestures
Wrap up analysing Body Language step by step                                                                        Exercise
Respect each others personal space                                                                                          Exercise
Handshakes and hand gestures
Discover and recognizing body postures & gestures
12 – Final
Final exercises                                                                                                                             Exercise
Final test “Trainer”                                                                                                                        Test
Wrap up and Trainer Certification
__________________________________________________________________________End Day 2___________
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