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The Oxford Institute of Body Language
65 George Street
Oxford OX1 2BQ
René Deceuninck
"Become a Mind through Body Reader and See What's Never Being Said!"
Master Business Anatomy
Become a Certified Trainer in Body Language
(AC1 Trainer)

Where: Oxford or Personal Location (on request)

#1 See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales…
#2 Raise your self-confidence
#3 Understand clearly what is meant by what people say
#4 Discover a lie vs. the truth
#5 Pull people towards you instead of pushing them away
#6 Increase your results with 80%
#7 Discover Body Language during a Profound Certified Training
#8 Train Companies/Individuals
#9 Become a member of the "Master Business Anatomy" Community

Team or Individual - 2 days
Language: English. 

- Some Leaders, CEO's, Managers, Lawyers, Politicians etc... practicing body language for a minimal part of their communication. When one becomes 95% fluent in it, they would have a whole new language on board, including amazing results.
- Business people loose 90% of all sales by the way they stand and move.
- Never change your decision to claim a goal or deal, empower yourself by changing your Body Language.
- A handshake can either destroy or build a strong foundation in any relationship, because… there is never a second moment for a first impression.
- The knowledge behind Neuro Science in combination with Body Language will change your game of life and
business forever!

Business owners - Entrepeneurs - CEO’s - Professionals - Sales - Coaches and Trainers

Discover what others think or feel without saying a word.
How do you know that someone has genuine interest in what you say, just by looking at his/her face?
What does the handshake tell you?
Did you know you have 3 seconds to make a first impression? It will serve as a basis for a future conversation.
Discover various tips and secrets how Body Language instantly can improve your business and relationships effectiveness.
How do you respect the right distance and attitude in communication to make an optimal conversation?
How and where do you sit to ensure a good communication?
How do you recognize somebody is interested, anxious, attentive or excited?
Discover the do’s and dont’s during a conversation and why.
What gestures do you discover, what do they mean?
How do you know if someone tells or lies the truth?
Discover how to read Body Language and stay focused during a conversation.Exercises - Test

Certification by: The Oxford Institute for Body Language

Special Offer
You are entitled to receiving a full refund on the course you have attended once you refer three customers to any future MBA Courses. 
This offers applies to all attendees, and it is to ensure that both you, and your friends/colleagues get the most out of our training.

UK: £ 1,977
Euro: € 2,197

- Other locations have to be chosen upon the needs and the countries.
- Franchisees can train people in their own country with the system learned and certified through The Oxford Institute for Body       Language / IPB Ltd.

- Ask for our payment options, information and possible installment plans.
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  HSBC - International: ACC Nr: GB45MIDL40051961887564 - BIC: MIDLGB22
  HSBC - In the UK: Sort code: 40-05-19 - Acc: 61887564

For further details:
+44 7534 421 454
"Change Your Body Language,...Change Your Game in Business For Ever!!"
Euro: € 2,197 - UK: £ 1,977
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The Oxford Institute of Body Language 
65 George Street 
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